New Year's Sadhana
January 14th, 2019 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Announcing our annual Sadhana Commitment! Join Breathing Room’s annual daily yoga commitment, January 14 - February 22, with an info & goal setting session on January 14, 7-8pm. Sadhana is defined as a repeated practice performed with observation and reflection to create positive change.

Enriching and expanding this annual event,  Sadhana participants have access to nutritional guidance and special teachers’ video sessions available in weekly emails, plus there will be free 15 minute meditations offered daily, livestreamed via Instagram.... And yes, aerial is also included!

Delve in and dedicate this time to your wellbeing.

40 days: $150 (3.75/day)
20 days, begin Jan 14 or Feb 2: $108 ($5.40/day)

Current class cards can be put on hold during Sadhana. Plus, members get a 10% discount.

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