Sankalpa & Yoga Nidra
January 19th, 2020 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Join Verred for a special offering that combines intrinsic intention-setting with Yoga Nidra, a most healing and transformational practice. Yoga Nidra often is referred to as "sleep with awareness," and is beneficial on many levels as it delves deeply into the self, bringing us to rest and connect to awareness and supreme stillness that ushers in relaxation, healing and even manifestation.

A Sankalpa is an intention formed by the heart and mind; it is a determined resolve made and born from both insight and self awareness. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to begin to shift an outdated pattern that no longer serves you and begin to orient to the awareness and energy you most want to embody. You'll compose a personal Sankalpa to use during Yoga Nidra practice and to help inspire and motivate you in life, leading you beyond the obstacles that keep you stuck in unhelpful patterns. Along with your own Sankalpa, you will go home knowing how to create your own nidra nest and an audio recording of a Yoga Nidra practice for your personal use.

Please bring a pen and journal, an eye pillow or scarf, a small pillow (if you'd like), socks and comfortable clothing to stay warm.

Influenced by several traditions, styles and teachers, my offerings are a decisive blend of what speaks to me and is at the forefront of my personal practice. My major influences include Katonah Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Para Yoga, Yoga Nidra and my continued studies with my mentor, Elena Brower. I think we are all attempting to understand ourselves a little bit better and the yoga practice can help us with that in many different ways. In my classes, I ask that we become more sensitive and specific with how we place our bodies and how we relate to ourselves. When we orient ourselves in particular ways we are able to see all around us. When we can start to look all around us we notice our blindspots and our habits and as such we can start to move towards second nature, becoming less habitual allows us to be more fully present. When our architecture is sound, when we are stable and can find more space, we can see more clearly. Become more buoyant, light, and serene in our bodies we create more ease. I believe our privilege in this life is to create sustainable, mindful practices to increase longevity, understanding, resilience, to be more amenable in every part of ourselves and our life at large. Living with a sense of ease means we can bring the best version of ourselves to the forefront, which is ultimately what we all want for ourselves and for the people close to us.

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Regular: $35

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