Standing Strong: Taking stock of the year past & preparing for a New Year ahead!
December 9th, 2018 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Standing Strong: A Series with Saskia

Saskia teaches this powerful form-based class from the foundation up, benefiting beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Merging breath, body, movement along with intellect and the heart's true vibration. Throughout class we explore deepening our grounding, foundation and steadiness, in turn offering us greater joy, connectedness and enlightenment, as we anchor these qualities into the workings of our everyday life.

Saskia Bergmans Smith is a seasoned 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist. Saskia is Dutch, yet she grew up in England. In Europe she studied with Dona Holleman and Orit Sen-Gupta, and in the US primarily with Kim Valeri of yogaspirit®Studios. Saskia teaches in the style of the yogaspirit® lineage and is part of the yogaspirit® 200hr teacher training faculty. She ran and operated her own yoga studio, Studio Om, from 2003-2010, in Wakefield, MA. Saskia is passionate about helping and guiding students to achieving greater balance and stillness from within through her classes, workshops and private client sessions.

One Sunday a month, 9:30-11:00am

Feb 18: Less Is More
Mar 18: Be Right Here, Right Now
Apr 15: What Are Your Thoughts / The Power of Breath
May 13: Forward Bends – Learning to Surrender
June 10: Honoring Your Truth & Where You Are in Life
July 22: Backbends – Going into the Unknown
Aug 19: Honoring Your Personal Cycle
Sept 16: Inversions – See Your World From Another View
Oct 14: Inversions – Can You Handle Your Life?
Nov 11: What Is Your Vision
Dec 9: Preparing for a New Year

Drop In: $20
BRYC Unlimited Class Card Members: $15

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