Winter Sadhana Daily Yoga Challenge
February 1st, 2018 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Join Breathing Room's Winter Sadhana, a daily yoga challenge running from February 1-March 12! Sadhana is defined as a repeated practice performed with daily observation and reflection to create positive self change.

Delve in and dedicate this time to your wellbeing. In addition to daily asana at The Center, you'll receive weekly emails with yoga and meditation practices, plus nutritional guidance from our partnered nutritionists! And yes, aerial yoga classes are also included!

Sadhana Options:
40 Days: $150 ($3.75/day) - Sign up here!
30 Days: $135 ($4.50/day) - Sign up here!
21 Days: $108 ($5.15/day) - Sign up here!

Sadhana Self Care (Yoga + Float Options):
Add an additional discounted package of weekly floats at PuREST Float Center to your daily yoga challenge:
40 Day Sadhana + 1 float/week: $410
30 Day Sadhana + 1 float/week: $355
21 Day Sadhana + 1 float/week: $268

Call our front desk to book one of these float packages with your Sadhana: (203) 562-5683

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