Yoga of Recovery (8-week series)
May 22nd, 2019 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
8-Week Donation-Based Series
Apr 3-May 22, Wednesdays 7:30-9pm

This is an invitation to connect and explore how patterns of addiction are affecting each of us and our communities. The reality of addiction is not the sensationalized pictures we see in news and media. Most of us struggle with dis-ease in the heart and unfulfilled longings that lead us to seek external "fixes" - whether it be alcohol, painkillers, food, relationships, social media, work, etc.

In this 8-week series, you are invited into honest and compassionate conversation on how addiction is showing up and what tools/resources we have to change our perspective on our suffering and habitual patterns. Each session will begin with group discussion followed by a gentle and restorative yoga practice, accessible for all bodies and abilities.

Each week will focus on a theme and build on the previous weeks. Participation in all 8 sessions is highly recommended but not required.
4/3: Intro & Life is Prana - Tired
4/10: Life is Prana - Wired
4/17: Life is Prana - Pain
4/24: Life is Prana - Stress
5/1: Life is Sweet - Earth
5/8: Life is Sweet - Water
5/15: Life is Sweet - Fire & Air
5/22: Life is Sweet - Ether

*This series is not a replacement for medical care or detox facilities. We ask for at least 90 days continuous sobriety from drug or alcohol addiction to participate. Partners and family members affected by addiction are absolutely welcome.

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About the Facilitator:
Julia Zhao is a yoga therapist and yoga & meditation teacher. She approaches every class or session with compassion, authenticity, and radical acceptance of whatever arises. Through breath, mindful movement, music & chanting, meditation & self inquiry, she gently invites students to discover their inner source of strength and stability, as well as their expansive capacity to be with challenge and discomfort. Julia specializes in restorative yoga, somatic movement & release, anxiety & depression, grief, and healing and liberation work.

Donation-based, pay what you can. Suggested $5-$15 per session.

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