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Acro FUNdamentals

AcroYoga FUNdamentals is accessible open level class geared towards first timers. Acro is a practice of postures and flows in which practitioners lift one another in the air.  It's fun, social, and a terrific workout. In addition to the introspective awareness exercised with other Yoga practices, in AcroYoga, attention also turns outward while neuromuscular coordination is developed as we work with others. No need to bring a partner; positioning and sequences are explained in manageable segments then practiced in small rotating groups, typically with a base (grounded), flyer (lifted), and spotter. Participants can base, fly or do both as they wish. 

Wednesday night Acro FUNdamentals is accessible to all levels class. No prerequisites. No partner or experience needed.  
First Wednesday of every month is a donation based Open Jam. 
Last Wednesday of every month is geared towards first timers who are always welcome on Wednesdays - but if you're looking for baby steps into acro then this class is for you.