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Kundalini Bliss

Kundalini is a powerful style of yoga that expands your radiance, strengthens you physically, and brings spiritual awareness to the bliss of you. 

This style of yoga is perfect for students who desire movement and want to explore challenging asanas as well as practice deep, restorative meditation.  There is a strong emphasis on the anatomical aspect of yoga that brings profound healing.  Each class consists of a Kriya and a meditation that incorporate several types of bandhas, pranayama, mudras, asanas, and mantras.  Much of the focus is upon moving the energy that resides at the base of your spine up through your chakras in order embrace your potential and become ageless.  
Kundalini Yoga helps to deeply understand the power of the mind - body - soul connection and apply that aligned relationship to all aspects of life.  All levels are welcome - no previous experience required.  Come sweat, be healthy, expand, experience your strength, and lead a life of mindfulness!