Start the New Year with a fresh routine & self care - join Breathing Room’s daily yoga challenge! Sadhana is defined as a repeated practice performed with observation & reflection to create positive change.  During this annual event, Sadhana participants have access to 50+ weekly yoga & meditation classes plus exclusive info & offerings via weekly emails! Delve in & dedicate this time to your wellbeing.

SADHANA 2020 - $88 for either 21-day option
Breathing Room's Seva & $108 Standard members can participate for free! Current Breathing Room members who aren't on the Seva or $108 Standard membership can put their membership on pause during Sadhana or upgrade their current membership to Seva or $108 Standard & get Sadhana for free! 

SADHANA 2020 NEW STUDENT SPECIAL $49 for either 21-day option
Curious about trying yoga but not sure where to start and don’t want to do it alone? Join us at Breathing Room for 21 days of yoga together! Committing to a daily routine can create powerful and lasting shifts in our lives.  Come experience classes of all levels & styles, including classes especially for beginners & those interested in meditation & mindfulness. We welcome you!


      2020 Sadhana -  Jan 23- FEB 12

      2020 Sadhana - New Student Special -  Jan 23- FEB 12

​​​​​​​See you on the mat soon and Happy New Year!!!