Welcome to

​​​​​​​BREATHING ROOM Online!

What we're doing amid COVID-19:

Stay connected & practice with your Breathing Room teachers online now! 
Here's how to join our online yoga classes:

1) Download the Zoom app or go to Zoom.us.
2) Go to our MINDBODY schedule or the MBO app & sign up for class. 
 3) SUPER IMPORTANT: Registration closes 10 minutes before class so be sure to pre-register. 4) 10 minutes before class begins, you will receive a link by email: Click the link & enjoy your class!

If you are able, here are some ways to help:

1) Keep your membership or class card & use them to join our virtual classes.
2) Please share our offerings with your community; help us spread the word!
3) If you cannot afford membership right now, consider pausing it instead of cancelling completely. We will extend membership pauses for 3 months & you may still drop in for classes.  We're asking those who have the means to consider not cancelling memberships or class cards. Support from the community right now is critical for us to continue operating & serving.

Thank you for supporting the teachers & this small business by continuing to take classes online in our community. We're hopeful that these classes &  being together will help us all get through this diffficult time with a bit more ease.

Breathing Room is a nourishing space of growth
and support for individual and collective healing. 

“Yoga, much like life, is a personal practice that teaches loving-kindness, compassion and patience through self-created challenges and victories. It is these values and teachings that help create the people we are and the world we want to live in.”
-Margot Broom, Founder & Director of Breathing Room Community,  Yoga & Wellness Center


Welcome,  we're so glad you have taken the time out of your busy life to practice yoga!

Please enjoy our trial membership of one weeks of unlimited virtual yoga classes for $18. 

All we ask is that you give yourself a break, have patience, breathe and you will reap the benefits yoga has to offer.