yoga center

Breathing Room is a place not only for you to come and practice yoga,  but a place for you to feel you are growing, learning and contributing to and within an inclusive community.

“Yoga, much like life, is a personal practice that teaches loving-kindness, compassion and patience through self-created challenges and victories. It is these values and teachings that help create the people we are and the world we want to live in.”
-Margot Broom, Founder & Director of Breathing Room Yoga, Community & Wellness Center


Welcome! You have taken the time out of your busy life to practice yoga.

Therefore all we ask of you is to give yourself a break, have patience, breathe and you will reap all the benefits Yoga has to offer.

There is a New Student Introductory package available for all new members of our community.  This is THREE weeks of unlimted classes for $30! Please visit us & ask at the front desk about this offer.